Accountable Healthcare - Wellness
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We’re excited to announce our “Heart of Accountable” Wellness Initiative starting May 1, 2024.
The perfect collaboration of the Culture Club and Human Resources yielded some fantastic prizes:
Grand Prize: Apple Watch
Second Prize: $200.00 Gift Card

The winners will be announced on the next Town Hall Meeting following August 30

To participate, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Complete the personal information needed. Add the wellness activity you have engaged in, such as physical activity, healthy choices to include changing your diet, lifestyle changes, making time for yourself or family; etc. (all information will be kept confidential)
  • Just the information is needed to enter the contest but to receive a $5.00 Giftogram from the Culture Club, you must send in a picture as well.
  • You can only submit one picture per MONTH for the $5.00 but unlimited entries on the contest form. $5.00 max per employee per MONTH.

Thank you for taking care of all our Hearts at Accountable and Stay Healthy