Accountable Healthcare - 12 Science-Backed Ways to Feel Better Every Day
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February 21, 2022

12 Science-Backed Ways to Feel Better Every Day

We might not understand it yet, but we live during times when people’s happiness is a priority. We have all the tools and tricks to make us feel better each day, even though life might be stressful at times. Moreover, we have access to science-based information to see the proof that these methods work.

This means that you can use scientifically based ways to make you feel happier, and they will work. The ways described below are focused on boosting hormones responsible for people’s happiness, satisfaction, and overall good mood. These hormones are endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Let’s check out some ways you may use to feel better.

Endorphin Boosters

Everyone knows that endorphins trigger pleasant feelings and reduce the feelings of pain. So here are some ways to boost your endorphins and become happier.


Sport and physical activity shape your body, and you become healthier. After several weeks of exercising, you will notice that you look a lot better (in case you haven’t been exercising at all before). This alone will make you feel happier, but that’s not the point. Exercising boosts endorphins.

The hormone reduces your perception of pain and triggers the positive feeling in your body, almost like dulling the pain with morphine but in a pleasant way. If you exercise correctly, you get a beautifully shaped body; you will become overall healthier, boosting endorphins. To exercise correctly, you have to combine various exercises. Training only one type of muscle is counterproductive. Try to vary your exercises, so all muscles work.


Not just randomly producing the “haha” sound, you have to enjoy something. It’s quite a pleasant way to become happier, but you need to find ways that make you laugh. Laughter stimulates endorphins since it convulses your innards. It’s believed that laughter helps release fear. Instead of fearing something, you may find something amusing and start laughing. You can watch your favorite episodes of TV-series, videos on YouTube, read funny stories, etc.


First of all, it feels so good that it makes you instantly happier. Second, it’s easy to stretch so it won’t disrupt your everyday routine. You may stretch your back, arms, and legs while working or watching your favorite TV-series, you can stretch while waiting for someone, talking to someone over the phone, etc.

It’s not at all necessary to push yourself harder to feel the pain. The point is to stretch those muscles you have neglected before. That’s how you get your endorphins boosted. You can start by performing simple stretching exercises and then proceed with more advanced things.

Oxytocin Boosters

Oxytocin is a hormone that is often related to love, friendship, and social bonding. Boosting oxytocin will make you feel better, so here are some ways to improve your mood.


Getting a massage is a surprisingly effective way to trigger the production of oxytocin in your body. If you think it might become an expensive habit, you are not quite right. There are at least 2 ways to save your money and still get the best massage:

  • Find a massage buddy.
  • Watch videos to learn how to perform self-massage (very effective).

It’s good at triggering oxytocin production, and what is even better, it’s a pleasant habit, and you will fall for it after the first try.


Oxytocin is responsible not just for the feeling of love (including maternal love), friendship, but for social bonding as well. Being able to trust someone triggers oxytocin in your body. If you have several individuals you can completely trust, doesn’t that make you happy? Exactly, it does, that’s the point!

If you have someone you want to trust, but you can’t, this person should be your target. It doesn’t mean you have to trust this person for the sake of trusting. Try building trust by starting conversations. If all goes well, proceed with turning this person into someone you trust, maybe, even a friend. That will help you get rid of negative emotions and will trigger the production of oxytocin.

Be Trustworthy

In a similar vein, when you trust someone, the feeling that someone trusts you also triggers oxytocin production. It’s an amazing feeling when people trust you, even if those people are not your friends or family members.

To boost the production of oxytocin, you may think of situations when people trust you. One of the best ways to do so is to honor your commitments. If you have some tasks to do, and people rely on you, a job well done would be a great oxytocin booster. You don’t have to accomplish great deeds, just small things that help you build trust every day.

Dopamine Boosters

Here are some ways to boost the level of dopamine.

Cope With Unpleasant Tasks

Everyone has it, everyone dreads even to start dealing with such a task, but you will eventually have to deal with it. The best way to make you happier is to dedicate several minutes a day to deal with it. You won’t even notice it when it’s over, and you will become happier.

Reach a Goal

In a similar vein, you may reach success by dedicating several minutes a day to complete a task. It may be learning a new language, reading a book, getting into better physical shape, working with websites like dota2-bets, etc.”. It takes less time, but the results will be amazing and satisfying.

Celebrate Every Victory

We don’t get a Ph.D. every day, but we have to be happy when gaining smaller victories. We all tend to concentrate even on small losses; why not celebrate small victories instead? Just think of one small accomplishment you have reached today, and celebrate it!

Serotonin Boosters

This hormone is responsible for such feelings as happiness, the feeling of well-being, and even boosts your confidence. Below you may find some pleasant ways to trigger the production of serotonin.

Make Peace with Lack of Control

If everything is under control, we feel happy. Even if you are the least control-seeking person, you will still be happy that your everyday routine is not disrupted. Lack of control over something confuses us; we have no idea what to do, which makes us feel worse. But it’s important to understand that we can’t control everything. Instead of feeling confused or scared when something is out of your control, it’s best to cope with the fact that you can’t control everything.

That way, you feel happier since whenever something extraordinary happens, you won’t feel like it’s the end of the world. You will feel safe, not scared. The best way to train your brain to be ready is to do things you are not used to. For example, if you love when everything is neat and in order, create chaos around you. Or, if you love baking your cookies due to the recipe, throw out the recipe and bake cookies without it.

Always Enjoy Your Social Role

Your social position may keep changing over time, so get used to this thought and enjoy every moment. You may think that being a subordinate is a bad thing, but dominant positions also may be confusing. As a result, you are not satisfied in both situations. Whether you are in a subordinate or a dominant position, think about the advantages of your current position. It will help you be happy and satisfied that you have advantages while being in a current position. Just enjoy every day!

Enjoy Being Proud of Something

Being acknowledged is a good feeling, but it’s a bit tricky. Everyone loves getting praised for doing something, but if not, no disappointments. It’s a tricky way to boost your serotonin level, but you can try it anyway. If it works – good, if not – it doesn’t kill you, don’t get disappointed.

Article by: Daniel Wanderson at