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August 22, 2019

Travel Nurses Are Cool

Travel Nurses are just the coolest. Who else gets to travel the country for their career, do work that really matters to patients and families, use their talents and training in all kinds of different environments, and make new friends nationwide? They may not always get their due, but Travel Nurses do a lot to strengthen the healthcare industry as a whole, especially as the U.S. nurse shortage increases.

Of course, all nurses make a hugely positive impact in the healthcare world, but this blog’s devoted strictly to those of the travelin’ persuasion. Here are 5 awesome ways that writer Sarah Wengert says Travel Nurses make a positive impact in the world!

Travel Nurses Ace Patient Care

The number one, most positive impact Travel Nurses make has to be that they help keep staffing levels safe, leading to better patient care nationwide. Because of the extra help you provide, you and all of your colleagues are able to provide better patient care as a result.

Travel Nurses Fight Burnout

Because they’re fresh to a facility and unit, and also because they ease tight staffing levels, Travelers do a lot to help their perm counterparts fight nurse burnout. Burnout in the nursing world not only takes its toll on individual nurses, it also increases the likelihood for a clinical error.

Travel Nurses Inspire Others

I’m sure most Travelers have heard from their mom, best friend, old college roomie, etcetera, how awesome their career is. I concur! The fact that you can travel for your job and choose whichever locations you like is super inspiring and it makes others around you who hear your story inspired to live their best life. Well, I say “inspired” but really, the rest of us are super jealous of your career. Lucky you!

Travel Nurses Remain Flexible

It takes a lot of flexibility to be able to touch down in any hospital nationwide, fall right in step, and make an impact in the delivery of patient care. Travel Nurses make a positive impact because of their flexibility on the job and ability to, as Tim Gunn famously says, “Make it work.”

Travel Nurses Share a Fresh Perspective

Because they have a unique view of many different facilities and ways of doing things, Travelers can offer a great new perspective to the facilities they grace with their presence. Of course, it’s not polite nor effective to come in the first day trying to change everything and it’s best to conform to each hospital’s unique structure. But, your fresh set of eyes on a unit can also be invaluable to a facility. Ready to Live the Adventure and see the U.S? Visit or email for more details.