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January 7, 2021

Top Apps for Tracking Hours

One of the top posts we see in The Gypsy Nurse Facebook group is: What app do you use to track your hours? Keeping track of your hours and calculating pay can be difficult at times. So, we have put together the top 10 apps for tracking hours of your travel nurse assignments. You can find them below!

Top 10 Apps for Tracking Hours


Not only does HourTracker track your hours and calculate your pay it also reminds you to clock in, organizes your jobs and job entries with tags, de-clutters using filters and much more!

Work Log

Only available on Android devices

Work Log helps keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked. It also tracks your wages paid over your pay period.

NurseGrid App

NurseGrid Mobile is designed by nurses for nurses. Because of this it offers things that other hour tracking apps.

Timesheet App

Only available Apple devices

Timesheet offers you the ability to track your hours and expenses easily. It has many features and is easy to use.

ShiftLife App

ShiftLife has many benefits that are listed above including tracking hours and calculating pay. You can find some more benefits on their webpage!


One of our favorites is Traqq, an employee-friendly app that makes the tracking process immensely simplified with its automated stopwatch. It shows the activity levels of employees during a whole working day, making the billing process a lot easier. If you want to use one of the best time tracking apps, then Traqq should be your top option.

One of the best things about Traqq is that it allows the user to add and edit recorded time manually and explain their edits. This comes in especially handy when having spontaneous business meetings. 


If you’re looking for a task monitoring program that you can use for various project, Clockify is a suitable option. It is an efficient tool for tracking employee productivity and attendance. What’s nice about this program is it offers rich insights without getting too confusing for managers. It features a visual map that collates your team’s work hours, making it easier to audit their output.

Another good detail about Clockify is it has dedicated apps for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, whether you’re using your MacBook Pro or your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can still handle invoicing and processing of timesheets. You can use Clockify for free, but there are more features you can access with the paid version. For instance, there’s a time audit tool that allows you to identify logs that are unusually short or long. 


Try asking outsourcing experts this question:

“What is the best employee monitoring software for 2021?”

For sure,  Toggl will be in the list. One of the unique selling points of this program is its cloud-based storage system like in Traqq. Now, if you tend to use different devices or you travel a lot, Toggl will allow you to view all the charts and timesheets anytime and anywhere. What’s more, it doesn’t take rocket science knowledge to master the features of this app. It features a user-friendly reporting tool that allows you to analyze the available data quickly. As such, you can easily monitor your freelancers’ billable hours, productivity, break times, and more.

If you want access to a nice tracking features, Toggl is a good option. It is an easy solution for managers who monitor the billable hours of their remote team members. The added benefit you’ll get from this tool is the availability of the data anywhere you go. 


When it comes to payroll management, Hubstaff makes things easier. The tool allows managers to generate accurate timesheets for invoicing and processing billable hours. Say goodbye to manual computation in 2020.  Hubstaff will let you establish rates for every remote worker in your team. You can also use it to plan shifts and schedules for your freelancers. You will see the employee work hours on the tool and even create tasks for them to do.

Did you know that around 67% of employees check on their social media accounts during work hours? No matter how you look at it, 13% of the billable hours go to your freelancer’s quest to find the perfect hashtag or their stalking endeavors. 

With Hubstaff and above mentioned trackers, you can check your remote workers’ website and app activities. You will also see the amount of time they spend on non-essential tasks. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the biggest players in the task tracking sphere. Thousands of users across the globe trust this app, and it is not surprising why. It is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt it according to your specific monitoring requirements. What’s more, it is quite versatile. It lets managers view the data according to the projects, clients, or tasks. It makes it easier to determine weak points that may hamper a team member’s productivity.

Time Doctor is also handy for the nitpicking manager, especially since it generates comprehensive and detailed data and reports. You’ll be able to see which websites your employees frequently visit, as well as the apps they use. So, you’ll know if any team member is honestly working or are “doing research."

We hope that these 10 apps help make your life as a travel nurse easier!

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