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Tips to Travel with Your Pets

October 12th, 2017

For many Travelers, bringing your furry best friend is a must! But how do you prepare to travel with your pet? Here are some tips:

Traveling by Plane?

  • Book a direct flight if possible to avoid as many layovers as possible
  • Make sure your pet is okay to travel – before you leave, make sure Fido is up to date on vaccines and obtain a health certification from your vet about 10 days of departure. You can also get advice on the best way to keep your pet calm throughout the process.
  • Purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate – be sure it is big enough for your pet to stand, sit and turn around comfortably and line it with some type of bedding.

Road Trip?

  • Prep your pet for long trips by doing some practice runs around your house.
  • Crate your pet in the car to keep him safe in case of abrupt stop – this really is the best way for them to travel. It will also will prevent your pet from injuring himself by sticking his head out the window.
  • Prep a pet-friendly travel kit – keep food, a bowl, leash, poop scooper, plastic bag, grooming supplies, and a first aid kit in your car as well as any familiar toys or pillows that bring familiarity to an unfamiliar place.
  • Don’t leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle – cars are dangerous in hot or cold weather. Hot weather can make a car a furnace or an ice box in no time at all.

Lodging Tips:

  • Make sure your lodging accommodations accept animals beforehand – Many don’t or have size/breed restrictions.
  • Try to keep your dog as quiet as possible. Walk your pet in a designated area an clean up after him.


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