Accountable Healthcare - There and Back: How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip
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June 3, 2021

There and Back: How to Plan the Perfect Day Trip

One of the best aspects about being a travel nurse is the ability to explore new places while working in a field you’re passionate about. Once you’ve settled into your new assignment, feed your sense of adventure and exploration during your days off with day trips.

You’ve only got 13 weeks, so here’s our advice for planning the kind of day trips that’ll fill your gypsy soul.

1. Pick a theme

Before considering anything else, Road Trippers recommends centering your day trip around a theme. What are you the most excited to see? Do you want to be in nature? Are you interested in visiting a new museum or restaurant? Once you know what you want to do on your day off, they recommend picking locations no further than 3 hours away.

The best thing about a day trip is that you can leave and be back within 24 hours. It’s definitely a balancing act between time driving and time exploring. So, set a maximum radius of where you can travel to and back in a day to get the most out of your trip.

2. Check schedules & call ahead

COVID-19 has not only forced many businesses to close but it’s also affected the hours and admission guidelines of national and local parks. Before hitting the road, take a second to ensure everything is open, especially if it’s a holiday weekend. For popular (and free) locations like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, you’ll want to reserve your tickets ahead of time to ensure your entry since daily tickets are limited.

3. Stay on top of seasonal weather

Talk to locals and do some research on your new geographic location since climate and seasons can seriously affect your activities. Places like Florida experience rainy seasons that guarantee heavy rain bursts every day, but usually only for 30 minutes to two hours. If you’re in a rainy region or it’s spring, you may want to pack a poncho or plan more indoor activities.

4. Pack a backpack

Since you’re not familiar with where you’re going or the amenities available to you, be sure to pack a backpack. In fact, you might want to leave it in your car during the length of your assignment. You’ll want to include an umbrella or raincoat, flashlight, band-aids, water, a change of shoes, a hoodie or vest for layering, a paper map of the state or region, a phone battery and charging cord, and some meal replacement bars.

Make the most of travel nursing by ensuring your time in each location is full of adventure and new experiences. Your time in each place will go by quickly, and you may never come back. So, use your short dinner breaks to do some research, and go! Then send us photos of your adventures to inspire other travelers to do the same.

We hope you found these tips for your next day trip helpful. Enjoy the adventures you can take as a travel nurse.

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