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May 7, 2019

Teachers Rule!

Accountable Healthcare Staffing recognizes the Teachers and Healthcare Providers that offer their expertise and compassion to all of the students they teach and provide care for each and every day. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 – 10.

Studies show, according to, that recognizing teachers for great work actually helps make them better teachers, and that great teachers who are regularly recognized for their work intend to continue teaching twice as long as those who don’t.

Teachers who receive recognition are more engaged at work, and greater teacher engagement leads to greater student engagement, which in turn leads to better student outcomes.

In the end, Teacher Appreciation Week is about more than giving due thanks. It is about making the whole education system work better for everyone—teachers and students—by elevating, supporting and improving the teaching profession as a whole.

Honoring teachers is, of course, what Teacher Appreciation Week is all about. And the week has generated such a passionate following in part because it makes profound yet intuitive sense to the many of us who can recall in our own lives a particular teacher who believed in us, who saw potential that we did not even see yet in ourselves and who inspired us to dream bigger dreams. We know that the landscapes of our lives were forever changed by the course that those teachers helped us to set for ourselves, and we know that we are impossibly indebted to those teachers.

Even, and perhaps especially, in times of strife for the profession, recognizing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and through Honored awards is just as critically important for the long-term health and growth of the profession as are the pressing policy issues that we face. If we can consciously and systematically recognize and reward great teachers, we can help ensure that great teachers stay in the classroom longer and that a new generation of talent is inspired to pursue teaching.

This Teacher Appreciation Week and every week, Accountable Healthcare and our dedicated School Staffing Division would like to thank all of the Teachers and Healthcare Providers for their guidance and knowledge that they share with and pass on for generations.