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March 20, 2017

So you’ve decided to have an adventure?

You’ve got your contract in hand and you’re ready to go! Let’s run through the check list: Bags packed? New Toothbrush? Enough Socks? Of Course! Home Away from Home booked and confirmed? Yuppers! Someone caring for your goldfish and watering your cactus? Check and check Gas in the car and tunes on the radio? OH YEAH Final, Pre-Start Date conversation with your recruiter? Maybe… Don’t really remember Name and title of your supervisor for this assignment? Um….. First time travelers often get a lot of the big items: packing their bags, arranging housing, making sure their home is locked up and all animals not coming are cared for. But here are some items that you may not have thought of in the midst of getting ready to head out on the road.
  • Have your Recruiter walk you through your contract.
Many veteran travelers will tell you asking a lot of questions of your recruiter is NOT a bad thing! Making sure you’ve got all your bases covered, that you understand all the details of your benefits, and being sure that you understand how pay works can help you be more successful on your assignment!
  • Skills, a great attitude, and an open mind goes a long way!
You have the skills that pay the bills! Although perm staff is usually professional, they want to see your skills in action. Show them that you are above-average! Going in with an open mind and ready to showcase what you can do can help you open the door of communication with your co-workers.
  • Savor the adventure.
You’re traveling to have an adventure so be sure to take time and enjoy your temporary home. Check out local museums, parks, zoos, botanical gardens, lakes, or any other interesting thing in the area! Work is important but so is having fun!! Perhaps arrive a little early so you can get settled, find the grocery store, and maybe do something fun before your first shift. Feeling more prepared? Awesome, now you’re ready for your adventure! Keep your recruiter in the loop; as s/he will be your partner throughout this process. They really are here to help you have the BEST TIME EVER! Additional Pro Tip: Being Lonely in a new place sucks… don’t be! Go out and meet new people, no need to hangout alone all the time. Here’s some places where you can meet people with your interests.
  • – Select your interests, your location, and see what people are doing!
  • Travel Nursing FB pages – these ladies and gents are not only a wealth of knowledge, many times they are willing to meet up and show you nightlife (or day-life, if you’re a night nurse) if you’re in their city!
  • Your own FB Page – If you’re into connecting with old friends, dig through your FB friend list and see who you can hang out with while you’re on assignment. I mean you kind of already know them, right? No FB friend in your temp city? Ask on of your friends to make an introducation.
  • Bringing Rover? – Download Meet my Dog and connect with locals!
Post by Olivia Portier – Travel Marketing Analyst