Accountable Healthcare - Santa and Travel Team Volunteer and Spread Holiday Cheer
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December 19, 2018

Santa and Travel Team Volunteer and Spread Holiday Cheer

Accountable’s Travel Team volunteered at the Achieve Center for Adults with Disabilities to spread holiday cheer. The team of 12 traveled to the Center and served lunch tothe members, also known as “Achievers”.

Adam Williams, the Travel President, dressed up as Santa Claus and greeted the “Achievers” and the Accountable Team chatted with them about their accomplishments over the year and what they are thankful for.

“Our team volunteers at the Achieve Center every quarter. It is a great organization and our team loves being there and giving back,” said Williams.

The Achieve Center helps adults with disabilities find jobs so that they can enter the workforce and they feel a sense of purpose and community. In addition, Achieve also assists with placing veterans with disabilities with jobs. All of the Achievers receive hands-on training and receive a pay check.