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March 26, 2019

San Antonio in the Spotlight

The Local Allied, San Antonio Nursing, and Touchstone RPO/MSP Branches are all truly honored to be a part of this amazing Accountable family! These branches have shown nothing but commitment and dedication to turning 2019 around and into our best year yet! Below are highlights of this amazing team:

Lisa Fitzmorris – Our leader, our voice, and the push behind the shove for both branches! She is truly a remarkable woman whom we strive every day to make proud! We are extremely excited to learn more and more from her expertise!

Pat Brand – Although Pat is no longer over these two branches, he played a major role in guiding and creating the amazing team we have now! His knowledge, support, and leadership are what set this team’s standard of going above and beyond the expectations!

San Antonio Nursing Team:

Anthony Rico, Business Development Manager, has been a rock for the branch for 7 years. He is a FAVORITE in the community and among clients. His knowledge and vibrant personality have cultivated long term relationships with existing clients while also capturing several new contracts in 2019 alone!

Tami Seidel, Account Manager, is the guru of staffing and a true team player. Her commitment and ability to think outside the box when it comes to per diem staffing is unmatched. She continues to amaze her team with her ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the branch, HCP, AND client!

James Manning, Recruiter and newest member of the team, has been an absolute rockstar from day one! With an extremely strong recruiting background, he has been a tremendous player in recruiting RNs for our contract orders at both UHS and Christus!

Local Allied Team:

Priscilla Pizana, Account Manager for Local Allied and UHS, is a true go-getter that understands exactly how Account Management should work. She manages to keep AHS’ internal fill ratio at UHS above 65%, keeps constant contact with her HCPs and is always looking for the next extension or assignment!

Susy Rodriguez, Recruiter, is one of the most amazing people to listen to on the phone. She has a way of captivating the HCP with her charm and knowledge of this industry. She is an absolute blessing to the Allied team and always brings smiles to people’s faces!

Elizabeth Johnson, Payroll/Credentialing, is the go to for all things payroll and credentialing related. She is an expert at the system and always someone both branches can rely on to go above and beyond her title and step in any where she is needed!

RPO/Touchstone MSP:

Michael Tubbs, RPO Recruiter/MSP Manager, is the best of the best! Mike had 919 perm employee starts at Touchstone when he celebrated his 7-year anniversary with them on February 13th! He truly is someone this entire branch admires and cherishes!

Phyllis Widden, RPO/MSP Coordinator, is the glue that ensures the success of the RPO and MSP alongside Mike. She is always on top of making sure that the HCPs for Touchstone start on time and are fully compliant. Her hard work and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team!

Local Allied, San Antonio Nursing, and Touchstone RPO/MSP have started off 2019 with a BANG! Exceeding budget every month and not stopping any time soon! We are on fire and always hungry for more!


Top, left to right – Michael Tubs, James Manning, Anthony Rico, Tami Seidel

Bottom, left to right – Elizabeth Johnson, Jessie Lewis, Priscilla Pizana, Susy Rodriguez, Phyllis Long