Our resources page is a great place to make sure you’re up to date on licensing, certifications, new skills, and to help our traveling nurses move quickly and easily. At Accountable, we’ll keep track of your credentials and notify you when you need to update. Take advantage of our one-stop healthcare professionals resource page and our useful links.


Obtaining your RN licensure in multiple states opens up many new opportunities for work and adventure. Planning target locations and being proactive in obtaining a nursing license in those states may take time, but is well worth it. Waiting to get a license after you see a desirable location makes it likely the assignment will be gone. States with higher paying assignments, like California and New York, can take more than a month to process an application.

Please note that AHS does not reimburse expenses such as transcripts, CEU’s or associated license verifications. AHS does not process licenses.


The Nurse Licensure Compact allows any nurse who resides in one of the 24 participating compact states to practice nursing in any of the other states in the alliance. To work in a compact state, a nurse must have proof of residence in a compact state. A government-issued ID showing an actual street address (current driver’s license) as well as a current, active RN license in said state are necessary. This nurse does not need to obtain licensure in any of the other participating compact states. States participating in the NLC include:


Walk-through states allow a nurse to be issued a temporary state nursing license within one hour to 24 hours. This temporary travel nursing license is used to practice nursing while awaiting permanent licensure to be processed. These temporary licenses obtained in walk-through states are usually valid for 30 days to six months depending on the state issuing the license. The following states allow licensure through “walk-through.”


These states have various requirements and are neither a Compact nor a Walk-Through state.

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