Accountable Healthcare - Morgan Whitehouse – Employee Spotlight
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March 24, 2020

Morgan Whitehouse – Employee Spotlight

Morgan Whitehouse has been with Accountable since March 2010. She currently serves as Branch Staffing Manager of the Louisville office. She is passionate about staffing and maintaining strong client relationships. Morgan’s bodacious personality brings an upbeat, full of life, atmosphere to our office. We often joke when she is away how quiet and boring our days would be without her.

Morgan is married to the love of her life (finally after 20 years of dating) and has a boxer named Barnaby. The team in Louisville is wowed by her willingness to go above and beyond in making those around her successful. There is not much she isn’t willing to take on with a positive attitude and determination to succeed. She has one of the largest per diem desks in the company and works wonders with scheduling and staffing. Her clients know they can depend on Morgan to place quality HCP’s who truly care about their patients.

The Louisville team would certainly not be where it is without Morgan! Thank you for all you do!