Accountable Healthcare - Meet our Traveler of the Week: Alicia Davison
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January 10, 2020

Meet our Traveler of the Week: Alicia Davison

Hello, I am Alicia Davison and I am overjoyed to be the traveler of the week!

Accountable Healthcare and Michelle Watson, my wonderful recruiter, have been amazing to me. I started with both of them a year ago. This was after working at the same hospital for 21 years. I wanted a change from the everyday same old, same old. Go to work punch in/out and left feeling unappreciated. So I made a huge leap of faith to try something new. Travel Nursing!

I was terrified to say the least. The questions were so plentiful. How do I start? Where do I go? Who do I contact? Is the pay worth it? Will I feel satisfied at the end of the day? The answers were all yes and so much more.

When I come across MS. Watson, she put me at ease and told me she would be with me every step of the way. I had a couple of challenges for Ms. Watson, First I am a PICC nurse to find these jobs are very hard. Not a lot of PICC nurse positions out there. Second, I am not from a compact state with limited licenses. So the deck was stacked against her. Well let me tell you what she has kept me in work with no issues. If your looking into travel nursing just know it is way easier then you think.

My best piece of advise to a new traveler is to get a recruiter like my Michelle Watson. Your recruiter is your beginning, middle, and the end of a good contract. They will make or break you.Secondly, travel to places you want to see something new. My favorite place is Vermont. Being an Alabama girl this was completely different for me and I loved it! The whole state is just beautiful. So much to do hiking, skiing and fishing.

The Canadian border was an hour away, so we would go to Montreal for the big city life. It was great. I could go on and on about the places I have traveled but the biggest thing is doing a job you feel great about. While on my assignments, I do not feel burned out. I am appreciated and they want me there. Everyone from Accountable to the hospitals go out of their way to make you feel good about what I am doing. After working then I am paid tourist! The best of both worlds!!

Thank you Alicia for being a huge part of the Accountable Travel Team!