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April 28, 2021

Meal Prepping for Travel Nurses on the Go

Meal prep for travel nurses can be a great tool for healthy eating.

Whether it’s traveling to a new state or a city or two away, one of the things that most traveler nurses don’t consider is what they will be eating. For some travel nurses, it might be easy to get into the habit of eating out. Yes, it may be convenient, but the more often it happens, the more it adds up and gets pricey.

Additionally, the everyday takeout might not make you feel your best. Many of the foods that are served at restaurants are loaded with sugars, sodium, etc., so it could cause you to feel a bit off if consumed too much. Maybe save those take-out meals for those days where you want to treat yourself! In the meantime, listed below are some tips and tricks for meal prep for travel nurses:

First, if you’ve got some Tupperware, pack it!!

It’ll make it easier to pack your meals for on the go. If you want to get something a bit more of an upgrade than your typical Tupperware, consider getting yourself a Bento box. The box comes in different shapes and sizes and allows you to pack various foods into one container. Also, don’t forget a reusable water bottle!

Once you’ve arrived, find a grocery store

One of the first things in meal prep for travel nurses is that grocery store run! Start picking up some of your favorite foods. Also, stock up on some of your “basic” ingredients (based on your own diet), the types that you can use to create a variety of different meals.

An example shopping list may include:

Instant oats, mixed nuts, milk, eggs, oils, bread, fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, quinoa, lettuce, potatoes, pasta, salt, pepper, salad dressing, hummus, popcorn, and chips.

Pack some snacks!!

When you first arrive and are starting to adjust to your new setting, you may not know when you’ll be eating. Packing some finger foods snacks will help as you’re on the go and figuring out your new schedule; plus, it may prevent you from getting hangry.

Pick the day/days when you want to cook for meal prepping

I’d say the day(s) where you have a bit more free time. When you cook your first meal, make more than you normally would. However much you think you could eat for the next maybe 2-5 days. Then grab your Tupperware or Bento box, fill them up and refrigerate, so they’re ready to go. If you don’t want to meal prep for every meal, you don’t have to. If you want to do it for just lunches, do it! It’s all up to you! In the beginning, this might seem like a drag, but it will be worth it!!

If you ever want new ideas or recipes for meal prep easier, there are many blogs online that have a vast selection of different meal types. Pinterest can also be your best friend for that! Some helpful blogs are Fit Foodie Finds, Budgetbytes, and Damndelicious. On Pinterest, some delicious recipes can be found on Meal Prep IdeasMeal Prep, and Meal Prep Recipes.

Meal prepping is not meant to be a hassle. It’s supposed to relieve you of stressing or worrying about what you’re going to be eating for the next few days. If anything, I think that there is more good that comes from it than anything else. You save a lot of money, time, and it can even help with portion control and eating healthier!

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