Accountable Healthcare - Lifetime Allegiance Award Winner
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October 7, 2021

Lifetime Allegiance Award Winner

Accountable was so excited to honor one of our own with the Lifetime Allegiance Award. Hear first hand how the ceremony went through the eyes of our winner.

Paul, I am so honored with receiving the Lifetime Allegiance Award from Accountable Healthcare Staffing. I have never seen a crystal trophy award that was so beautiful! I know that you were instrumental in setting this up and I am so thankful. Accountable is blessed to have you on their team.

Candice, the manager called a huddle at the Nurses station and there were around 20 Nurses, CNA's, and ancillary staff there. I had no idea, because we have a huddle most every day. When Candice said that Accountable wanted to honor Carrol Park for her service, I looked around and said "What? Did you say Carrol? I was embarrassed. Humbled. All those people were looking at me. Then when she started handing me gifts and certificates, I was overwhelmed and started crying. She was reading off what it said and everyone started saying awe, it's ok, you deserve it hugging me. All the rest of the day everyone congratulated me and gave me honor. 

I couldn't be more grateful for Accountable and my Loving Husband for giving this special honor in my life. God has truly blessed me and will continue to bless Paul and this company for all that you do.


Carrol Park RN, BSN, PHN.