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Accountable Healthcare Staffing is a proven leader in staffing Correctional Facilities across the country. We are committed to providing consistent, reliable coverage with compliant and motivated healthcare professionals. Have a correctional staffing need? Accountable can help!

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The Accountable Division of Corrections understands the unique demands of the correctional industry and is experienced in understanding the parameters of correctional accreditation and standards including the National Correctional Commission Healthcare (NCCHC), Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and American Correctional Association (ACA).

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Accountable Correctional Staffing was designed specifically for public and private prison and correctional facilities across the country through our correctional healthcare service line. Established to focus exclusively on correctional healthcare and serve privately-run and publicly-funded, local, state, and federal correctional facilities, Accountable Correctional Staffing is committed to providing qualified, experienced healthcare professionals to support our clients' demanding daily operations at correctional institutions nationwide.

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Accountable’s nationwide presence, healthcare staffing experience, and intimate knowledge of correctional institutions, combine to provide our clients with a level of expertise and service that we believe is difficult to match in our industry. Benefits of working with Accountable Correctional Staffing include:

  • Customized staffing solutions to meet your correctional institution's needs
  • Comprehensive understanding of the complexities of inmate healthcare
  • Ability to provide healthcare staffing solutions to various incarcerated populations in local, state, federal, and privately-run facilities
  • Experienced healthcare professionals prepared to work with inmate populations, including nurses, physicians, administrative, and all other healthcare support professionals
  • Knowledge of proper federal, state, and county-specific protocols and practices

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    For complaints or concerns unable to be resolved locally with Accountable Healthcare Staffing, please contact Accountable’s hotline at 1-877-659-5581 or The Joint Commission Office of Quality and Patient Safety at 1-800-994-6610.