Accountable Healthcare - Invigorating a Healthcare Eco-System to compete with the new $15hr Amazon Model
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October 15, 2018

Invigorating a Healthcare Eco-System to compete with the new $15hr Amazon Model

You might not connect Amazon’s recent minimum wage increase to Healthcare, but there will be an impact that health systems will need to consider in the immediate future. The typical thought of Healthcare is Doctors and Nurses, Therapists and Pharmacists and all of the Clinical side. Understanding that health systems are brick-and-mortar, there are many Non-Clinical positions health systems will be competing for with Amazon for the workforce support needed. Health systems employ Janitors and Stockers, Clerical and General Laborers, same as Amazon. With the Holiday season upcoming and reports of Amazon hiring 100,000+ seasonal employees, how are health systems going to retain their staff if paying below the new minimum set forth by Amazon?  “There will be a majority that stay put within the health systems they currently work, but there will be a large volume that could make a move, leaving health systems scrambling to hire and increases in contract labor spend. Obviously, health systems can simply pay more. Some will, many won’t, “ said AJ Thomas, Vice President of Workforce Transformation and Consulting, a division of Accountable Healthcare Staffing, Inc. Health systems should keep this possible impact to their workforce in the forefront of operations as we enter Flu and Winter season. This topic will continued to be monitored for market impact as it is just developing.