Accountable Healthcare - Hiring Levels for Contingent Workforce Exceed Pre-COVID Levels
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September 16, 2021

Hiring Levels for Contingent Workforce Exceed Pre-COVID Levels

The economy is emerging from a period of pandemic-related shutdowns stronger than before, according to a recent survey by PRO Unlimited. Organizations hired 20% more contingent workers during Q1 2021 compared to Q1 2019. Not surprisingly, the healthcare sector has led this increase, with hiring currently sitting at 147% of pre-COVID levels.

Hiring volatility, which surged and dipped between March and December 2020, has also stabilized this year, ushering in a return to normal contingent hiring conditions.

Meanwhile, candidate volume per request reached a new low in Q2 2021, while candidate withdrawals trended upward. PRO Unlimited notes that “timely sourcing, enhanced benefits (including remote/hybrid roles), and unique job opportunities will become increasingly important to employers as they seek to attract candidates.” Also, for filling high-demand roles like software engineers, “streamlining hiring processes and offering competitive wages will be critical.”

Dustin Burgess, Senior Vice President – NorthStar HCM at PRO Unlimited, said access to current and reliable market data can help organizations navigate the current climate and attract the right talent. “With the expansion of remote work opportunities and a tightening of workforce supply, the battle for talent is top of mind for most business leaders, especially as new ways to attract talent are evolving and companies are expanding initiatives within technology and diversity, equity and inclusion,” he said.