Accountable Healthcare - Fall Travel Assignments
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July 31, 2017

Fall Travel Assignments

Many of our most experienced Travelers say that the fall is their favorite time of the year to travel. Fewer crowds at popular attractions; cooler temperatures make it easier to get out and explore; and, of course, Mother Nature changes her colors to rich gold, red, and orange. Here is a list of our top states for fall travel assignments: California – Think Altitude for Fall Color! The higher up you go, the more beautiful the fall colors become. September and October are the best time to visit Nor Cali with fog free skies. If you’ve been wanting to visit wine country, you’ll be just in time for all the great wine making events – the Big Crush is a once in a lifetime experience! Plus, if you’re days off are during the week, you’ll avoid many of the crowds and be able to explore in peace. Of course, there are way more fall activities, but it would be better if you just experience CA for yourself! New York – Full on Fall You know those beautiful fall photos; the ones with orange, red, and yellow tree lined roads; the ones with kids jumping into colorful leaf piles? Want to recreate that magic? This is where you need to be this fall! Historic, color, and fall ambience is made complete at the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze in the Hudson River Valley. You won’t want to miss this event; full of intricately carved pumpkins assembled into dragons, castles, dinosaurs and other spooky figures! Halloween lovers won’t be disappointed! Georgia – Deep South, Fall Paradise If you’re looking for a fall location where you can wear shorts well into November, while still getting to enjoy the color changes, Georgia is the perfect location for you. There is so much to do including white water kayaking, hiking, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, and the fantastic Chattahoochee National Forest. You’re sure to enjoy the fresh air, warm breezes, and the beauty!