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your Quality Assurance Opportunities

Excellent patient care is a top priority of AHS. With fourteen unique points of verification, we provide quality, reliable staffing solutions to our partner organizations and a wonderful company reputation for our associates. Some of our key quality indicators include verification of certifications and licenses, one year of recent experience in discipline, reference checks, AHS orientation, and Joint Commission and OSHA mandatory in-services completion.
Because we know how important regulatory issues are, especially Joint Commission certification, we ensure our staff’s credentials are up to date. All credentials and exams are computerized via Joint Commission-accredited Stafferlink, TSS, and RSS software, so we are kept abreast of due dates. Anyone with expired credentials cannot be scheduled through our system. We also have an ongoing evaluation program on our employees. We will provide you with copies of any information requested about Accountable Healthcare Staffing employees.

Joint Commission

Accountable Healthcare Staffing has received the Joint Commission Certification for Health Care Staffing Services. This certification recognizes our dedication to providing a high standard of service to both our Healthcare Professionals and our clients, thus ensuring the delivery of safe, quality patient care. Healthcare Professionals and clients can look to this certification as assurance that Accountable Healthcare demonstrates an ongoing commitment to continuously review our processes and improve the services we provide.

See How Accountable Performs for You

We regularly provide each client with customized reports that will show detailed analytics and measurements of how we are performing, including the following:

  • Fill Ratios
  • Customer Spend
  • Performance Surveys
  • Cancellation Patterns

In short, we provide you with every data and measurement to validate our performance. Our main objective is to show our clients that we are delivering what we promise.

For complaints or concerns unable to be resolved locally with AHS, please contact AHS’s hotline at 1-877-659-5581 or The Joint Commission Office of Quality and Patient Safety at 1-800-994-6610.