Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight – Christopher Abeyta
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February 15, 2023

Employee Spotlight – Christopher Abeyta

My Name is Christopher Abeyta, I am the MSP Account Manager for the University Hospital San Antonio. I started with Accountable in August of 2019 as the Southwest Payroll Manager and quickly moved into various positions such as a Recruiter and Contracts Manager to help my Region. I work directly with our UHS contact to ensure we are staffing the best candidates within Accountable and our Affiliate Vendors. Within the past 17 months, I am proud to say we have strengthened our relationship with UHS and have grown as an MSP program. However, I couldn’t do that without my MSP team, Adriana, Suzy, Beatriz, and Jessica.

Before working at Accountable, I worked in the Hospitality Industry for 17 years as a General Manager, Director of Human Resources, along with Payroll and Risk Management. During that time, I was able to achieve my Bachelor of Technology and Training along with three other Associate Degrees. I am currently completing my certificate in Project Management and SPHR.    

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and spend most of my time with my Fiancé and various animals. We enjoy cooking and spending time outside working on projects as a family. We are excited to start our new chapter together come Sept 2023 as a married couple. Our family currently consists of 7 Chickens, 1 Duck, 4 Dogs, 1 Cat, 1 Turtle, and an Eye Lashed Crested Gecko. I am so thankful for all that life has given me, and I’m excited to see what the future holds with Accountable Healthcare Staffing. 

Christopher is probably the most organized and detailed person I have ever met throughout my career! The team quote for Christopher is "Keep calm I have a spreadsheet for that."

On a serious note, Christopher works with heart, passion, and determination every day. He is a knowledge sharer, always willing to help anyone, believes and looks for best practice opportunities and would rather give praise then receive praise. He is respected by his team, his clients, and colleagues if there was one word, I would use to describe Christopher it would be, " Self-less" not only professionally but personally as well. With all my being, I am extremely thankful, grateful and love that he is part of my team.

Lourie Esquibel
Executive Regional Director - Southwest
Accountable Healthcare Staffing