Accountable Healthcare - Daisy Award Winner – Melissa Williams
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September 13, 2023

Daisy Award Winner – Melissa Williams

Accountable Healthcare Staffing has partnered with the DAISY Foundation™ to recognize clinicians for the extraordinary skillful, compassionate care they provide patients and families. The DAISY Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. We are proud to present Melissa Williams with the DAISY Award recognizing extraordinary nurses.

Back in 2020, Melissa Williams kicked off her journey with us at Accountable, and it's been nothing short of an amazing partnership ever since. She's been flexing her nursing skills across various healthcare facilities, jumping into contract roles that have made her a true superstar in each one.

Today was a special day because I got to meet Melissa Williams in person and hand her the well-deserved Daisy Award. The happiness and thankfulness that radiated from her were impossible to miss. Melissa's eyes lit up as she talked about her passion for nursing and how incredibly fulfilling it is to care for her patients.

Meeting Melissa face-to-face was an absolute treat. We had some great chats that made me appreciate what an awesome nurse she is even more. I've had the honor of being on the same team with Melissa for three years now in Louisville, and I can say without a doubt that she embodies the kind of dedication and commitment that makes Accountable Healthcare shine. We're excited about the many more years of success we'll share with this remarkable nurse. Cheers to you, Melissa!

Melissa Gardner
Accountable Healthcare Staffing

The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP in 1999. During his hospitalization, Patrick’s family deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown not only to Patrick but to all of them as well. When he passed, they felt compelled to say “thank you” to nurses in a very public way.