Accountable Healthcare - Employee Spotlight – Chad Miller – Boca Raton
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June 1, 2022

Employee Spotlight – Chad Miller – Boca Raton


I am Chad Miller and I am part of the Analytics team over at Corporate in sunny Boca Raton, Florida.

I started with Accountable back in the Spring of 2015. I had just graduated from Florida Atlantic University with degrees in Political Science and Economics, and I will never forget the day I applied for an internship here because I was on the beach when I received an email from my University Career Center and applied right then and there.

The Internship was as an assistant recruiter at the time, and a couple months into the internship I had a chance to show my true love – numbers and charting. The Operations department was short-handed so I volunteered to take over some of the work from the team. Using some programming tricks, I was able to finish the entire overflow of spreadsheets in a single day. At that point I started doing less recruitment work and more analytic work, a win-win for everyone involved as I really enjoyed working with numbers and Operations got an extra hand.

A few months later I had worked my way up from part time intern to full time employee and began to work with Jeff Yesner and Penny Adams Field that same year, I have been with the Analytics team ever since. My work today centers around supporting operations and corporate with any reporting or data requests they might have, maintaining our online databases, trying to spot opportunities to make our engagement process more efficient, and occasionally appeasing my remote office manager, Muffin the family dog.

When I am not on the job I enjoy travelling around the globe. My adventures have brought me to countries all over Europe and last year I had the opportunity to visit Egypt and Kenya. Later this year I will be heading to Costa Rica. In 2018 I visited Japan and met up with some friends from Mitsui I had made from working here with Accountable. I even got to visit the Mitsui headquarters in Tokyo - fun fact: It has its own stop on the Tokyo Metro. When not travelling about my favorite thing to do is kayaking and swimming in the many rivers and lakes that cover south Florida, never a shortage of fish, turtles or alligators to be found in our backyard.

Working with Accountable has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to many years ahead, ready to tackle whatever challenges come my way.

-Chad Miller

"Chad is a vital component of our team and recently because a Certified Tableau Specialist.  Chad is always enthusiastic and creative when it comes to designing new tools and programs to serve all of Accountable."

Penny Adams Field, Executive Director, Business Analysis, CMA, MBA. Accountable Healthcare Staffing.

"I remember when Chad joined the Company in 2015 as an intern.  He has an excellent work ethic and is eager to accept new work challenges, like when he began working with Tableau.  Chad was integral in designing the various dashboards within Tableau which provides the Company the ability to see data on a real time basis.  It has been truly exciting watching Chad grow over the past 6+ years and I am proud he is part of Accountable."

Jeff Yesner, Chief Financial Officer, Accountable Healthcare Staffing.