Accountable Healthcare - Behind The Scenes with Accountable: Meet Susie Malott
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May 21, 2024

Behind The Scenes with Accountable: Meet Susie Malott

Continuing with our Behind the Scenes initiative, let's meet Susie Malott, our Director of Payroll. Susie celebrated her first anniversary with us this May, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a profound ethical commitment to her work. She’s dedicated her career to payroll and a bit of accounting, driven by the belief that accurate and timely payments are crucial for employees who may rely on their income to support others.

Susie is a passionate traveler outside of work, having visited 13 countries so far. Her love for history often guides her travel choices. One of her most memorable trips was to Egypt, where she explored ancient architecture and made lasting friendships. Costa Rica, however, holds a special place in her heart; she and her husband are working towards gaining residency there.

Susie’s interests extend to crafting and holistic healing. She creates items like aromatherapy candles, crystal jewelry, and herbal remedies designed to promote well-being. This creative practice is therapeutic for her, providing a stress-relieving outlet.

Another of Susie’s hobbies is creating custom-printed cups. This craft blends her skills in graphic design with functionality, allowing her to produce personalized mugs for friends, branded merchandise, and unique gifts for special occasions.

In her professional role, Susie finds great satisfaction in ensuring employees are compensated accurately and on time. She enjoys the strategic aspects of her job, such as streamlining payroll processes and staying updated on regulations, which contribute to the smooth functioning of our organization.

We’re thrilled to have Susie on our team. Her dedication, creativity, and passion make her an invaluable part of Accountable Healthcare. Stay tuned for more stories as we continue to showcase the amazing individuals behind the scenes.