Accountable Healthcare - Behind The Scenes with Accountable: Meet Kasey Backlund
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June 18, 2024

Behind The Scenes with Accountable: Meet Kasey Backlund

In our latest installment of the "Behind the Scenes with Accountable" series, we're excited to introduce Kasey Backlund, our Senior Systems Manager in the IT department. Kasey's main responsibilities include managing the support, troubleshooting, and enhancements for Accountable's Software as a Service (SaaS) systems. Additionally, she serves as a project manager for system-related or data visualization/transformation projects.

Kasey has been with Accountable for nine years, joining the company in search of a new and challenging environment where she could leverage her strengths. This journey has been tremendously rewarding for her. With a degree in Finance and a concentration in real estate from Angelo State University, Kasey initially started as a Payroll Coordinator at a local branch. She was then promoted to an operations manager role before transitioning to IT in 2017, where she has been focusing on Systems Support. She also obtained her Professional Project Manager (PMP) Certification this year.

Outside of work, Kasey loves spending time with her husband and their pets, Lola and Bilbo. She enjoys DIY home projects, cooking, and watching sports, particularly the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars. Travel is another passion of hers, and she seizes every opportunity to explore new places. Listening to true crime podcasts is another favorite pastime.

A unique fact about Kasey is that she has visited over 20 countries outside the US. She and her husband are avid scuba divers, traveling far and wide to dive. Kasey enjoys reading mystery novels and is a big fan of the TV show Friends.

Kasey's favorite part of her job is collaborating with her co-workers to improve processes and solve problems. Her dedication to enhancing systems and her passion for teamwork make her an invaluable member of the Accountable Healthcare team. Stay tuned for more stories from our incredible team in the "Behind the Scenes with Accountable" series!