Accountable Healthcare - Avoid Housing Surprises When Traveling!
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February 24, 2023

Avoid Housing Surprises When Traveling!

Some surprises are great – like a surprise birthday party, a surprise visit from a friend, or even a surprise day off! But when you’re a travel nurse, the type of surprise you don’t want involves housing! You have so many changes when you’re going from place to place and facility to facility that a housing surprise can often bring unwelcome stress to your situation. We’re here to help by offering a few ways to avoid housing surprises when finding your next monthly furnished rental. 

Check Furnished Finder for your housing needs.

First things first, make sure you check out Furnished Finder for your housing needs. The site offers nothing but monthly furnished rentals and discounted hotels perfect for your needs. This way, you won’t have to sift through housing that doesn’t fit your monthly furnished needs. You won’t fall in love with a property only to find that it’s available on weekends only!

Be upfront with the property owners.

Next, be upfront about what you are looking for when you begin communicating with property owners. If you have non-negotiables or must-haves, let those be known right away. This way, you won’t get all the way to the point where you are ready to sign a lease only to find that your requirements aren’t met, and you’re sent back to square one. 

Let the property owner know your reason for travel and who you will be traveling with. This may seem like unnecessary information to share, but if you are traveling with a spouse, partner, or friend, and the property owner knows about this, they can make sure that there are enough supplies, bedding, etc., for multiple people. This is also a great time to ask specific questions about things that will make your stay easier. If you work nights, a coffee maker is probably a must! Ask the owner if there is one, so you don’t have a surprise caffeine-free stay!


More often than not, stays are reserved without visiting the property prior to the move-in date. This can be for multiple reasons. You may not actually be in the new city until your contract starts, or there may be a tenant in the property that can make seeing the property tough. In this case, to ensure you aren’t met with any unwelcome housing surprises, ask the property owner if you can FaceTime with them to see the property! Even if it’s just from the outside, if the unit or home is occupied, it will give you a better feel of the neighborhood, the vibe, and the landlord!

Speaking of landlords…call them!

We live in such a digital world that it’s easy to do everything over text and messaging. If you want extra certainty, though, pick up the phone and call the property owner to really get a feel for them and their property. You can get to know them and ask questions that come up in conversation that you might not have thought of before. 

Use Google Street View!

You may be going to an area of the country you have never been to. While this can be exciting and bring lots of new adventures, you may also know nothing about the different areas of town! We know you will want to be close to your place of work, but you also don’t want any surprises when it comes to the neighborhood or your surroundings. Because, after all, safety is the priority! Visit Google maps, type in the address, and click on street view. This will allow you to “walk” around the neighborhood and get a good feel for the area. 

Our final word of advice to avoid any unwelcome housing surprises when it comes to your housing situation – ask questions, questions, and more questions! Our site is great because you get to connect directly to the property owner – take advantage of this! Ask them if there is a secured entrance, the neighborhood vibe, the facilities, their policies, etc.