Accountable Healthcare - Albuquerque’s “Team behind the Scenes”
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October 9, 2018

Albuquerque’s “Team behind the Scenes”

Accountable Healthcare Staffing’s Albuquerque, New Mexico office recognizes five individuals in our “Team behind the Scenes” series; because collectively they create a dynamic unstoppable machine. It’s not just one, it’s all of them who support, engage, build and foster relationships. Relationships are the key to success with any healthcare clinician, prospective partners and clients. They take a team approach in placements, contract opportunities or per diem, with constant communication with each Health Care Provider. They find out their preferences as far as shifts, geographic area and specialty. They work to ensure the process is seamless and are transparent throughout the hiring cycle. The team is cross trained to help each other so that all are familiar with every hire and are available to assist at any time. This team is truly representative of TEAMWORK and DETERMINATION. They know that continual improvement is an important element to success and growth. “I’m proud of each of them and am honored they are part of my TEAM,” said Patricia Taddy, Branch Manager, Albuquerque. Team (Left to Right): Zach Montiel, Shirlynne Ortiz, Diana Villanueva, Samantha Martin, Mario Portillo