Accountable Healthcare - 6 Gifts to Buy a Travel Nurse
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December 14, 2017

6 Gifts to Buy a Travel Nurse

With the holidays right around the corner, family and friends are probably starting to ask you what you’d like to receive as a gift this year. Whether you’re home for the holidays or working, they would still like to give you something to make your holiday special. Traveling and moving so many times has taught you to downsize and not ask for anything too big.  We recently asked the network group on Facebook what would be the best gift to get a travel nurse. Below are their top 5 gifts to give a traveler: 1.) Gift Cards Almost every business will have gift cards or certificates available. Some gift cards that would help travelers the most would be ones from restaurants, gas stations, online uniform stores or Visa gift cards that are able to be used wherever Visa is accepted and will be sure to get put to good use. 2.) Memberships Similar to gift cards, a membership would be ideal for the traveler. This doesn’t take up any space and will give your favorite travel nurse something to do. Some suggested memberships would be Netflix, AAA, National Gyms, Costco and national park passes. 3.) Donations For the travel nurse who has everything, why not try finding out their favorite cause and donate that amount to a charity of their choice. A lot of charities will send updates on how their contribution is helping and give them reminders of how much your influence means to their charity. 4.) Memory Creators Travel Nurses change location almost every 13 weeks; each time moving from one adventure to the next. Help your favorite travelers keep track of the adventurous memories with getting them a camera, travel journal, scrapbook, selfie stick, or a travel size tripod with a phone attachment and live vicariously through them in 2018! 5.) Anything Travel Related Travel Nurses are exuberantly proud to be exploring the United States (and possibly the world) sharing their expertise and saving lives. Get them something they can wear to show off that they’re a travel nurse. Items that we saw being suggested are jewelry, charms, mugs, t-shirts or anything that screams “I travel!” One of the coolest items I’ve seen recently are the United States “travel maps,” you can scratch off each state you’ve traveled to and uncover a beautiful design underneath, or for a craftier approach there are some that allow you to cut out and place your favorite photos on each state. Take a peek! 6.) For the Home Travel Nurses are always on the go, so when purchasing something for the home, you should always think small. A few things that a traveler wouldn’t mind packing over and over would be travel door alarms, portable door locks, external battery chargers, collapsible containers or a travel size safe. We hope these suggestions help you find that perfect gift for the traveler in your life.