Accountable Healthcare - 5 Tips When Searching for Housing with a Dog
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November 25, 2021

5 Tips When Searching for Housing with a Dog

Travel nursing is an extraordinary experience. Traveling with a dog (or three) can make the experience infinitely better! I’m Amber from @shesoutwandering, and I have been traveling for over three years with my three Bernese Mountain Dogs @Lovedogs_Traveloften. We have lived in 9 different states while on assignment, and I cannot imagine this journey without them. They have brought me peace, comfort, and laughter after long shifts. They are my best friends,, and without them, I believe that life would be a lot less exciting.

We are currently living during a pandemic, and options will be limited due to extenuating circumstances. Before accepting a travel assignment with a pet, some things to consider include safety of the area; housing availability; accessible veterinary care; options for daycare, walkers or daily exercise; and your work schedule.

I am going to share five tips that will hopefully make your housing search a little less stressful.

Tips for Traveling with a Dog

Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog! I can not stress this enough. Training in basic manners is an excellent start (to a level of canine good citizen is an excellent goal). I am a strong advocate for professional obedience training using positive reinforcement. Studies show that owners with behaviourally sound pets get more satisfaction and have a stronger bond with their pets. Having a dog that is well-trained, obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive, and easy for you to manage means, you will get more pleasure from dog ownership as a result. Dedicating time to obedience training also shows potential landlords that you are a responsible pet owner that cares for the socialization and safety of your dog. Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong. You’ll simply have better results if you can prove it.

Search Pet Friendly Cities.

Did you know that some areas are far more pet friendly than others? This inevitably makes finding housing easier. Consider basing your search for an assignment in an area that will welcome you and your pup as well as offer new experiences. City suggestions are Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Asheville, NC; and Colorado Springs, CO to name a few. You’ll find delicious restaurants with unique menus for your dog, exceptional outdoor activities, and play areas etched into beautiful landscapes.

Develop a Pet Resume.

Yep, you read that right. Compile training awards and certificates into a document with a photo of your pet. Include information on how often you groom your dog, vaccine records, what exercise plan you follow, and anything that would allow you to stand out as an exceptional pet owner. Ask previous landlords for written references. Contact your vet and groomer to request a recommendation regarding the care you provide for your dog.

Have a Pet Savings Account.

Pets are family members, and many landlords are treating them as such. A rental with more than one human will likely result in additional cost and the same goes for pets. Expect to pay a refundable deposit or pet rent. These prices can vary from city to city and having a financial plan can be incredibly helpful during the search.

Utilize All Resources.

Finally, use all available resources to search for housing. AirBNB, VRBO, Furnished Finder, Facebook Marketplace, hotels, and even local real estate agents can help expand the search allowing for more options.   

If you’re reading this then we can probably all agree that enjoying the views while hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, beach days at Cannon Beach outside of Portland and city adventures at Pike Place Market in Seattle are more enjoyable with a dog. Really anything is better with a dog so keep these tips in mind during your next housing search while traveling with a dog.

Article by: Amber Kendra at