Accountable Healthcare - The 5 Best Summer Scrubs
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June 26, 2018

The 5 Best Summer Scrubs

Summer can be ideal weather for nurses working up north. No longer do RNs in New England, Minnesota and Michigan have to worry about base layers to stay warm under their scrubs. Of course, the summer can be made up of sweltering heat for the nurses in places like Miami and Phoenix. Let’s take a good look at some of the best scrubs for the summer. 1          Mixing comfort and durability, Dickies are ideal for men and women working indoors and out during the summer. They are extremely durable and possess many pockets to store everything from your pens to your heavy keychains. Of course, elastic loops can do the job as well. 2          Just as popular among RNs are Med Couture Scrubs. Coming in a variety of flattering colors, they mesh fashion with practicality to fit a nurse’s lifestyle. Created for stretching and reaching your arms, they are a smart choice for a long day at work. These scrubs include tops and pants, as well as jackets for RNs of all sizes. 3          Nurses who are used to getting their uniforms dirty love Figs. These innovative scrubs fight off everything from ugly stains to wrinkles. At the same time, they are light and soft on the skin without sacrificing quality. They are snug around both a nurse’s waist and feet. In fact, Figs are known for never dragging on the dirty floor. 4          Landau scrubs are another favorite simply because they do so well in a washing machine. They may not have enough pockets, but they are certainly comfortable. The scrubs are known for hugging a nurse’s body without getting tight enough to leave a mark. They can also be purchased all over the web for under $20 a pop. 5          Dagacci scrubs are quite popular among nurses. After all, they are soft and comfortable, making it easy for professionals to raise their arms at work. The colors don’t fade and the cloth doesn’t shrink. They may not be the least expensive choice on the market, but the long-term investment may be the best. If only all your summer clothes could last as long as Dagacci scrubs!