Accountable Healthcare - 4 Hotspots for Travel Nurses
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June 28, 2018

4 Hotspots for Travel Nurses

Whether you are a medical professional in the Northeast or the Southwest, travelling the nation for 2 or 3 years at a time can be exhilarating. Some folks prefer the big city life with museums and nightlife, while others gravitate towards scenic mountains. Whether you are presently seeking a new position or looking ahead to a new career, it is smart to know the top destinations around the nation for registered nurses.   1 New York City Let’s begin with the city that never sleeps, New York. Imagine being housed near Central Park and soaking in all the culture. Spend the day at a hospital and the evening on Broadway. Or you can get off your late shift and have breakfast under the Statue of Liberty, if not Yankee Stadium. One thing is for sure: you will never get bored during your contract. Of course, traveling with a pet isn’t a good idea in the Big Apple. Perhaps this Nurse Practitioner position at a clinic is exactly what you’ve been looking for.   2 Denver If you work as an RN in the mile-high city, you are surrounded by picturesque scenery, as well as excitement. Not only can you look over your shoulder at the Southern Rocky Mountains, but you can enjoy plenty of recreation. Nurses can go hiking and rock climbing before kicking back with a local brew. Imagine, working a shift at Denver Health before spending hours in the great outdoors on a ski slope, a raft or a canoe. There is currently a Registered Nurse position open in an adult psychiatric ward.   3 San Diego Nurses seem to love living and working in the Golden State. A registered nurse can soak in the miles of beaches along the Pacific Coast Highway, from San Francisco to Los Angeles and down to a medical facility in San Diego. San Diego is home to world renowned attractions, such as their famous zoo, downtown and harbor. There are also numerous museums for RNs to check out on their time off. Best of all, San Diego is an ideal city for health care professionals, as the University of California-San Diego and the UCSD Medical Center are at the forefront of biotechnology. Check out this fantastic position that’s open for an Occupational Therapist in San Diego.   4 Alaska Rather than singling out one city, the entire state of Alaska can be exactly what a traveling nurse is looking for. Alaska has fascinating summer months that are wonderful for its frontier landscapes. According to a blog on the White Sands Beach in Kodiak, Alaska, “It was so gorgeous, the warm sunshine and cool breeze made it perfect… We enjoyed the views, climbing on the rocks, watching a snorkeler who was spear fishing, and skipping rocks.” Take a look at this Speech Language Pathologist position that is now open in Anchorage.   When you want to find the best hotspot for a travelling nurse, depend on Accountable Healthcare Staffing. Whether it is a major medical center, a community hospital, an outpatient clinic, a rehab or a long-term care facility, our reliable team members work to match our healthcare professionals with amazing jobs. Call Accountable Healthcare Staffing now to speak to a recruiter, 888.740.4341.