Accountable Healthcare - 10 Healthy Habits for the First Day of Spring
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March 20, 2018

10 Healthy Habits for the First Day of Spring

Spring is a natural time of “out with the old and in with the new,” for not just our closets, our bodies too. It’s a time of transition which makes it the perfect season to shake up your routine and start a new healthy habit or two… or 10.

But first, lemon water

Overnight your body does major clean up getting rid of toxins and repairing from the previous day’s living. So first thing in the morning, you want to flush all of that out. A cup of warm lemon water can really get you going in more ways than one… if you know what I mean. There’s the obvious benefit of just drinking water first thing in the morning…. water, something most all of us can always use more a little more of in our life. Then, adding lemon adds life with natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins – particularly vitamin C. Drinking something warm first thing is nurturing, calming and kind to our system allowing our bodies to wake up gradually and gently.

Eat all the greens

Look around. This time of year everything is so much greener. It’s when everything is sprouting, blooming. If you suffer from allergies, you know this… But nature gives us exactly what we need to thrive and at the start of spring it’s clearly saying, “EAT THIS” showing us all the fresh, bright vibrant greens. Speaking of allergies… adding more greens to your meals can help with this. So take a cue from Mother herself and load up.

Get raw

Spring is a natural time of detoxification and renewal. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to enhance your body’s own natural detox process with whole foods. There’s no need to do an extreme sort of detox like a juice cleanse or water fast to get detoxifying results. Our bodies are constantly detoxing problem is we do things that get in the way, over burden our detox organs (ie. the liver) and hamper the process (read: booze and dessert). By simply adding in more raw, whole foods, and easing up the burden on the liver, we can really help our use Spring as a natural time to clean up.

Be outside

Isn’t life just so much better when there’s still daylight when you get home from work? Take advantage and get outside. Go for a walk, play in the yard, heck, sit on the porch. Just get out, take in some fresh air and enjoy it. It’s such a beautiful time!


Sweat is one of the main ways our bodies get rid of toxins. We release toxins when we sweat – literally sweating them out. So go get your sweat on…


Breathing is another way toxins leave our bodies. The deeper we breathe, the more oxygen we take in which helps our bodies absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently, increases white blood cell counts and helps speed up cell turnover and fills the lymphatic system (the body’s detox super highway) and naturally leads to better detoxification of the body. Take deep breathes that move your belly and exhale fully. Repeat. Do this when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, angry, frustrated, tired… and see if it helps.

Take 5

Taking even just 5 minutes to connect with yourself, or nature, God or a higher power can be like hitting the reset button. It might be meditating, praying, journaling, sitting with your eyes closed… find something that’s your own little “power charge” that you can do when you need it.

Practice gratitude

At some point in the day take a minute and think about (or even better, write down) a few things you are grateful for. Even if it’s just one thing, recognize and appreciate it. Focusing on gratitude can shift your entire mindset and even your whole body chemistry to make you healthier.

Slow down

I know this one can be hard… Spring is a reminder though to “stop and smell the flowers.” When consciously slow ourselves down and take time to relax and enjoy in the company of others or even just ourselves it’s another way to hit that reset button. It recharges us and gives us renewed energy to continue with our day, perhaps at a more even, less harried pace.


Arguably the most important point of all: Play! Spring brings with it such a fun, care free energy. Everything just feels a that much happier, lighter and more free. Think, what would a kid do? They’d run the flowers, roll down the hill, jump in the puddle… do more of that.           Source: