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Accountable Healthcare Staffing is a proven leader in staffing Correctional Facilities across the country. We are committed to providing consistent, reliable coverage with compliant and motivated healthcare professionals. Have a correctional staffing need? Accountable can help!

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The AHS Division of Corrections understands the unique demands of the correctional industry and is experienced in understanding the parameters of correctional accreditation and standards including the National Correctional Commission Healthcare (NCCHC), Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and American Correctional Association (ACA).

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Our Correctional Division is led by respected industry veterans.

Barbara G. Salazar,
HRM, BSN - Division/National Director of Correctional Healthcare Staffing

With over ten years servicing the correctional sector, Ms. Salazar’s expertise understands the nuances of correctional facilities, the interpersonal skills essential to support the Juvenile Justice Services along with clinical skills that allow the HCPs to function independently and as part of the medical team. Ms. Salazar has worked collaboratively with Wardens, CEOs, Correctional Administrators, Mental Health Directors, Medical and Psychiatric Providers. In addition, she has dissected processes, conducted and attended audits to assure compliance with NCCHC, ACA, and ICE. Ms. Salazar is confident that she can provide credentialed, screened HCPs delivering quality care to correctional healthcare populations.

Lourie Esquibel,
New Mexico Branch Manager

Ms. Esquibel has under her belt over 25 years' experience in many aspects of the healthcare industry, including the correctional healthcare staffing demands throughout New Mexico. As the Branch Manager Esquibel’s focus is to provide comprehensive oversight and management of the division's correctional services accounts. Her team is committed to providing qualified, experienced healthcare professionals to support our clients' demanding operations as well as developing client relationships through continual communication, commitment and effort.

The Accountable Difference

The Accountable Correctional Division staffs facilities throughout the U.S. This is a seasoned team that currently provides staffing services to the Adult and Juvenile Justice Services. The AHS Correctional Division is Joint Commission Certified as a Healthcare Staffing Services Organization. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. For after hours, weekends and holidays, dedicated Staffing Coordinators provide continuous staffing coverage 7 days/week, 365 days/year as part of the Division staffing team. This service model ensures timely notification in the event of a cancellation of a shift which provides adequate time to notify the HSA and find a replacement. There is 24 hour live support service to handle clinical, administrative or any issues/complaints, injuries, incidents, emergencies, disasters or service complaints. A registered nurse and/or administrative staff member is always available.

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